2017 Financial Statement

In 2017, our revenues kept pace with our growing free clinic program.  Revenues surpassed those of 2016 by 43%.

We attribute our success in garnering donations to an invigorated social media presence, which not only resulted in more "likes" and "clicks", but also more meaningful monetary contributions.

We also reached out to our donor base and potential adopters with more frequent adoption events, collaborations with local stores and entertainment venues, and pet related festivals.  

Big Day of Giving continues to contribute about 30% of our annual revenues, fueled by our social media campaigns and resulting name recognition.

Looking forward to 2018, our financial goals are to:

  • Increase the number of individual donors by 50%
  • Initiate a capital fund campaign to raise $120,000 by July 2018 support the retrofitting of a mobile surgery trailer, to enable the Street Vets program to perform spay and neuter surgery, emergency intervention, and cat clinics in the neighborhoods on a regular basis.
  • Compete successfully for national and local grant sources of funding for a spay/neuter initiative, and to continue our care for pets of community members experiencing homelessness.



2017 Expenditures



Administrative Costs



Average expenditure per Clinic Visit



Average expenditure per Rescued Pet