Make a Difference

Give locally, where you know your contribution will have powerful impact.



Our work is entirely volunteer powered, and donor funded. 

With an administrative overhead of less than 5%, we make sure to leverage your funds to their greatest life-saving effect, right here, in our own community. 

Each Neighborhood Dog Days clinic, serving an average of 300 dogs each, costs about $6,000. 

That means that just $20 dollars can keep a puppy safe from the deadly parvo virus, in compliance with rabies vaccine and licensing laws, free of fleas, worms, from being a reservoir of heartworm disease for other pets in the community, and equipped with that all important "get out of jail free" ticket back home: a collar and engraved ID tag.  Add in care for chronic painful medical problems such as foxtail abscesses, ear infections, wounds and trauma.

This may be the most powerful $20 you ever spend.