Thanks to you, EmBark 2018 was a smashing success!
 Sterling channeling his inner Mick Jagger.  Photo: Anna Wick

Sterling channeling his inner Mick Jagger.  Photo: Anna Wick

The evening of Sunday, July 29, at the Brickhouse in Oak Park was magical.

 Christopher Sinclair. Photo: Anna Wick 

Christopher Sinclair. Photo: Anna Wick 

The notes of Jazz Gitan's gypsy melodies rippled through the hum of conversation, refreshing librations flowed from Christopher Sinclair's bar, delectable curry, piquant somen noodles, and spears of fresh melon and mozzarella were plentiful and snatched up, the dogs dressed for success and posed for the paparazzi.  

 Meeps meets his number one fan.  Photo: Tina Swain

Meeps meets his number one fan.  Photo: Tina Swain

The occasion was our first ever benefit for our Street Vets program, and a chance to show off our new mobile medical trailer, still undergoing refurbishment.  All the funds raised will be allocated to purchase medical equipment for the trailer.

We send our most sincere gratitude to all who donated, volunteered, and came out to support our work and our vision of making Sacramento a safe, nurturing place for all pets and their people.

Thank You.

246 Attendees
$27,032 Net Intake

 Photos by Ken Raif.

Photos by Ken Raif.

EmBark 2018

Please join us as we set forth on a great new adventure.

It has long been our dream to bring not only vaccines and wellness care to the neighborhoods where access to veterinary services are scarce, but to also deliver spay, neuter, emergency and elective surgery and interventions.  

With the donation of a trailer, we are one step closer to realizing our goal.

The next step is to remodel the interior in accordance with the requirements for a mobile medical premise, and to equip it with all the surgical instruments and medical supplies our veterinary team will need to do their life-saving work.

What better way to help us hit the road than with a party?

We hope to see you there!

Get your tickets before they sell out.


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We are the proud recipients of an "Innovations in Foster Care" grant from Maddie's Fund.

Our Transitional Community Foster Care program is unlike most conceptions of foster care for pets.  Rather than providing care for stray and shelter pets, we provide temporary care for owned pets, to prevent them from ultimately having to be relinquished by their families.

The program utilizes foster care to facilitate pet retention among homeless and at ­risk pet owners by providing temporary housing and care for pets whose owners are either hospitalized, are enrolled in in­ patient drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation, or who are placed in transitional housing prior to obtaining long­term housing. The TCFC program provides housing in foster homes, food, collars, tags, licensing, comprehensive medical care including vaccines, parasite prevention, spay/neuter, care of medical problems, and behavior evaluation, modification, and training, with visitation opportunities for owners when appropriate. Pets are returned to their owners once they are in a position to care for them again.

We recognize the many benefits that pet ownership confers, especially for individuals who suffer from mental and other health problems. Numerous data driven and peer reviewed studies show the benefits of pet ownership for individuals experiencing homelessness, including more structured daily routines, increased social interactions and bonds, and decreased drug use. We see first­hand how knowing that they have a source of unconditional love, and a creature who is reliant upon them for their own welfare serves as a powerful motivator for our clients to succeed in efforts to improve their condition.

Through our clinics, we have cultivated the trust of clients from a demographic that is frequently wary of law enforcement and authority, and that is historically underserved. As a result of this trust, we receive requests for assistance from numerous clients for whom pet ownership is a barrier to receiving care including shelter, inpatient drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation, and hospitalization for acute and emergent medical crises. Our clients often face the choice of obtaining care for themselves, and giving up a beloved pet to the local shelters or the streets, or remaining on the streets until they are incapacitated by their conditions, and are involuntarily incarcerated or hospitalized. In both situations, the pets suffer, and the community is forced to absorb the pets into already overburdened municipal shelters and rescue organizations.

Again, we are honored by the trust that our clients place in us to care for their beloved family members, and consider each opportunity to foster an opportunity to help make our community more compassionate, and healthy.

If you are interested in being part of this new program, and offering a temporary home to one of our fosters, please contact our foster coordinator at

Thank you, Maddie's Fund!

Low Cost and Free Spay Neuter Options in the Sacramento Area

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to get your pet spayed (if it’s a female) or neutered (if it’s a male)!

This document will help you find low cost or free options for residents of the Sacramento area.  Funding and options change frequently, so always contact the specific provider for most current information.

Step 1: Determine which jurisdiction you live in:

Go to the County Assessor’s website here and enter your street address.

If you live within the Sacramento City limits, you will see this information:

Jurisdiction: Sacramento

If you live within the Unincorporated Sacramento County area, you will see this:

Jurisdiction: Unincorporpated

Step 2: Contact clinics based on the jurisdiction in which you live to schedule your appointment:

City of Sacramento: For pets within the City of Sacramento Limits Only!


Call: (916) 808-7383

Apply Online:


Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC): For pets within Unincorporated Sacramento County, and occasionally other jurisdictions.  Funding changes frequently, so check back often.

Call: (916) 808-7300 & leave a message

Apply Online:


Placer County SPCA: For pets within Placer County Limits

Download Voucher Application:


Elk Grove Animal Services: Pets within Elk Grove

Call: (916) 687-3042

Includes free rabies vaccine, microchip & license


Yolo County SPCA: For pets within Yolo County Limits

Call: (530) 902-6269 or (530) 758-7722


Sacramento SPCA: Various programs for pets from multiple jurisdictions

Call: (916) 383-7387

Visit SSPCA Online for fee schedule:

We Pay to Spay - Chihuahua Edition through December 2018

Must reside within Sacramento County - proof of residency required!

Chihuahuas aged 4 months - 7 years old, 2lbs - 20lbs only

Call: (916) 504-2816 on the 20th of the month for an appointment during the next calendar mont


Animal Spay & Neuter: Low Cost Spay Neuter regardless of jurisdiction!

Call: (916) 368-7314

Visit ASN Online for fee schedule:


Mercer Clinic for the Homeless: Must provide proof of homelessness

2nd Saturday of every month from 8am – 2pm at Loaves & Fishes 1321 W. C Street


Step 3: Make sure to show up for your appointment on the date and time scheduled.

It is VERY important that you arrive on time for your appointment.  If you are unable to make the appointment you scheduled, call that entity to reschedule (if available) or just to let them know you won’t be able to make the appointment.  There are many other people who are in need of spay/neuter appointments for their pets and will able to utilize your appointment if you are unable.